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Zartek helps entrepreneurs and startups to create the right pitch deck to attract investors. If you are looking for fundraising ideas to support your business, please contact us.

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Fundraising Strategies and Services

Fundraising involves multiple stages starting from a seed fund to create the product, an angle fund to find the perfect product-market fit, and a venture capital fund for expansion and capturing the market.

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    Fundraising Plan

    Preparing a fundraising plan is an initial step that allows your organization to recognize the purpose of raising the funds, the steps the organization needs to follow to put the fundraising plan in place, and deciding what the organization needs.

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    Fundraising Goals

    Need to know what kind of resources a company needs to achieve its goals. The organization needs to determine what will be the goals for the upcoming year, the amount and type of funding needed, and how the funds will be used.

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    Recognizing The Prospects

    Possibility research helps in determining and evaluating the direction of the power and development of staff resources. To determine or build a relationship between the contributor’s prospects, recognition, and research work must be performed.

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    Direct And Clear Communication

    The organization shall raise a direct concern, not a vague statement. The organization should ask a clear question to the sponsor company.

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