React Training in Kochi, Kerala 

React is an open-source JavaScript library that helps developers create dynamic single-page applications. The component-based platform has a well-defined lifecycle. This makes application development easy and efficient. Furthermore, it enables the development of reusable components and one-way data binding and offers better performance because of the use of Virtual DOM. React JS is one of the popular frameworks for front-end development and many top companies have started migrating to React.JS, opening up plenty of employment opportunities for skilled React JS developers.

Many developers now use React, and with the help from a growing community, more and more apps are being developed by employing the React framework. However, the app hosting cost is a key aspect that prompts companies to consider free cloud hosting as an option. Cloud services Netlify and Vercel are two popular options for hosting React apps. 

Netlify enables app developers to deploy their React apps in a matter of minutes. The hosting service offers a wide range of features. The most popular feature is continuous integration through Git/static deployment. 

Vercel, a revolutionary service that enables serverless deployment, is designed specifically for React, Vue, Angular, and other JavaScript libraries. 

Anyone living in Kerala or nearby states and interested in building a career in software development to earn well can learn to use Reach JS. Developers who are familiar with JavaScript have an advantage. However, it is important that they undergo training at Zartek Technologies, by far the top React JS training institute in Kochi. Zartek offers the best React JS course in Kerala, and those who undergo the training get to learn from scratch. At the end of the course, students will have the confidence to work independently on React JS development projects. 

Overview of Zartek’s React.JS Course In Kochi 

At Zartek, we offer the best React JS course in India. The course provides students with the knowledge they need to work as developers and build their careers. Furthermore, the content is designed in such a way as to help students become industry-ready by the time they complete the course. 

The topics covered are: 

React Fundamentals – What is React JS? Understanding Single-Page and Multi-Page Applications, Real-World SPAs, and React Web Apps, Writing the First React Code

Understanding the Basic Features and Syntax – Build Workflow, Create-React-App, ESLint, Component Basics, Understanding JSX, Functional Components, Working with Props, and Lists in React

CSS Modules and Styling – Adding Styles using Stylesheets, Adding Inline Styles, CSS Modules for React, Installing and Using CSS Modules, Using Media Queries.

Components – Stateful vs. Stateless, Class-based vs. Functional, Component Lifecycle, DOM vs. Virtual DOM, shouldComponentUpdate() for Optimization, Higher Order Components, Pure Components, and PropTypes

Debugging – Using Browser DevTools, React DevTools, and Error Boundaries

Linking React App to Web – HTTP requests in React, Understanding and Installing Axios, Async/Await, Fetching/Sending Data from/to Server, Deleting Server Data, Global Axios Configuration, Handling Network Errors.

Routing – Setting up React-Router, Links, Switches, Redirecting Requests, Passing Route Parameters, Conditional Redirects, Handling 404.

Redux – Why Redux and the Complexity of State Management, Understanding Redux Flow, Setting up Reducer and Store, Actions and Subscriptions, Updating State Immutably, Connecting Redux to React, Handling Multiple Reducers

Build/Build Tools – Babel, NPM, Webpack, Creating Production Build. 

Duration of the course: 4 months 

Course fee: Rs. 30,000 + GST  

We are by far the best ReactJS training institute in Kochi, and the course fee charged by us is highly affordable. Besides, the top React JS course in Kerala is designed to be of help to students in clearing the React JS certification programme. 

USPs of Our React JS Certification Course in Kochi 

  • Training is handled by professionals with many years of industry experience

  • Highly affordable fees

  • The course is focused on making students industry-ready

  • Practical-oriented React JS course in Kerala (more hands-on sessions)

  • Job-oriented React JS certification training

  • Live projects

  • Study material will be provided

  • Both online and offline learning modes are offered

  • 100 percent placement assurance 

Do an Internship and Get Hired by Us! 

Zartek is one of the most renowned React JS development companies in India and has a team of professional developers who have completed simple and complex projects for many clients across the globe. We offer students who have successfully completed our React JS training course an opportunity to work as interns with us. In addition to providing them with industry exposure, we hire top-performing interns to work on our projects in India, Qatar, and Canada. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide React JS at our software development facility in Kochi. Experienced professionals handle the classroom sessions. During practical sessions, you will work with developers who have many years of industry experience. We can also offer on-premises training to organizations that want to enhance the skills of their developers. Finally, we also offer online instructor-led React JS training.
1. Individual attention 2. Experienced faculty 3. Reasonable fees 4. Globally accepted syllabus 5. Opportunity to do an internship and get hired
React.js allows you to build great digital products and interfaces like: Single Web Pages Static websites SaaS products MVPs easy to scale Complex and demanding Web Apps Custom User Interfaces
Yes, it is possible to customize the course depending on your specific requirements. For each batch, we consult with our technical team head and subject matter expert to customize the training programme based on the expertise of the participants and their both short-term and long-term objectives.