Android and iOS App

Paul Bright
Android, iOS
UI/UX Design, Android & iOS App Development
Flutter, Python

The Volt - Speed Cameras app is a state-of-the-art mobile application designed to enhance driver safety through real-time radar detection and alerts. It leverages the power of advanced technology to provide users with accurate information about speed cameras, mobile speed cameras, EV Charging stations, Caution, etc. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the Volt AI Radar Speed Cameras Alert app aims to revolutionize the way drivers approach road safety.


The client wants to develop a mobile application for the users to add a new alert on speed cameras, EV charging stations, cautions etc. which will be available for all the users of the app. The app also provides customers with an option to register their problems and comes with a toll-free number. The user can also add alerts for police, accidents, and road closed which will be available for all the users of the app.

  • Offers reliable foreground and background speed camera alerts 

  • Overspeed notifications and alerts 

  • Option to set reminders for users 

  • RC Services support through the app 


Volt - Speed Camera Alert App provides real-time alerts on AI cameras, EV charging stations, cautions and hotspots. The Volt Speed camera App brings up a sense of community by encouraging users to actively participate in reporting radar locations, speed traps, and other relevant information. Also, the app acts as a middleman between the user and the RC services. The app provides the users with a feature to set reminders to not miss the insurance Fastag renewals. By leveraging the power of smartphones and utilizing existing technology, Volt - Speed Camera App offers users to access reliable radar detection capabilities without the need for additional hardware or expensive subscriptions.