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A talent showcase platform to show your best out there! DreamKatcher is empowered by artists, musicians, storytellers, and painters. A creator’s paradise, DreamKatcher is a membership platform where fans can access the best content of their favorite creators at affordable subscription rates. 


The client had already developed the application using their in-house team but wanted a more intuitive experience. This meant involving new contest modules, resolving bugs, adding new features including video streaming and analytics, and helping creators get easily discovered by industry experts. 

  • Update the platform and resolve bugs

  • Add new features like contest modules, analytics features, and video streaming

  • Make an income-generation platform for content creators


The application was revamped by introducing new features like contest modules for creators to compete with active social media that announces the winners of these competitions. These contests help give creators the exposure they deserve among industry experts. There are also analytics features to help the creator track their reach. Catering to the audience, the format has been altered to give preference to short videos that the audience can scroll through in one go.