Zartek Project Management

Android App

UI/UX Design, Android App Development
Python and Flutter

Zartek Project Management allows you to view the status of your projects with Zartek. Keep track of your project by knowing the percentage of completion and invoices.


This internal application was developed keeping in mind the needs of clients. Zartek Project Management must be able to cater to the client's every project need, including the current status, percentage of project completion, and expected delivery date. The application must also let the client communicate with the assigned project manager. It must also provide invoices for each individual phase of the project.

  • Internal application to allow clients to track their products' progress with Zartek

  • Allow communication with the assigned project manager.

  • Provide Invoices for the project


The client is able to track every phase of their project with this application. View the current status of your project, the percentage of completion, and the expected delivery date of your project to help better track your project progress with Zartek. Communicate with your project manager easily and clarify your doubts on the go. The application also provides you with invoices for every phase of the project.