Tonico Smiles

Website and App

Josco Group
Android, iOS, Website
UI/UX Design, Website & App Development
ReactJS, Flutter, Laravel

Tonico Smiles is a multi-store e-commerce vendor where you can shop for poultry, groceries, frozen foods, etc. It’s the complete grocery store, making everything easier by going online. Choose a delivery slot and get your needs based on your convenience!


The client wanted a "fresh-to-home" service where customers could get their grocery needs fulfilled according to their convenience. Initially, a 5 km radius was established but was soon changed to a 30 km radius because of the market. This meant that there would be too many customers in one area, resulting in server issues. They also expanded to frozen food as well as fresh food products and confectionery.

  • An all-in-one grocery platform where customers can get items delivered to them at their convenience.

  • A third-party delivery service that allows the scheduling of these orders on time.

  • A 30 km radius for customers to get their needs met.


The grocery platform was optimized to allow a 30 km radius where customers could place grocery or poultry orders. While initially limited to Kochi, the software is now capable of serving other places as well, thanks to the multi-store capability. The software is designed to be flexible for multi-store as well as multi-vendor capabilities.