The Big Feed


DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd
UI/UX Design, Web Development
Next.js 14, Tailwind CSS, Contentful

The Big Feed is a lively two-day festival in Bengaluru where food, spirits, and culture come together. People can discover global flavors from local brands, including finger-lickin' biryani and lip smackin' pizza. But it's not just about the food, guests can also explore connections with talented artists. Our website facilitates seamless connections for vendors like food partners and flea partners, as well as artists seeking collaboration opportunities. Visitors can easily book tickets online and dive into the excitement.


One significant hurdle involved infusing the website with the festival's vibrant theme, requiring careful attention to incorporate design and colors effectively to attract and engage visitors. Additionally, integrating features such as live countdown timers, dynamic logos, and social media aggregators presented technical intricacies that needed innovative solutions.


To tackle the challenges, we carefully designed the layout, to reflect the festival's energy and diversity through dynamic color schemes. Leveraging cutting-edge design techniques, we integrated features like live countdown timers, enhancing user anticipation and excitement for the event. Furthermore, we integrated social media aggregators like to seamlessly showcase real-time updates from Instagram. Additionally, our solution included the seamless integration of Spotify, providing visitors to enjoy curated playlists from featured artists directly on the website. Through strategic problem-solving and innovative design, we ensured The Big Feed website captivates visitors with ease.