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Android, iOS, Website
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Take your spiritual journey to the next level with the Shivyog app! Founded by Avdhoot Shivanand Ji and his son, Acharya Ishan Shivanand, Shivyog aims to bring your body and soul into the love they need through the Yoga of Immortals (YOI) protocols. With weeks of practice, master how to get rid of stress, anxiety, and insomnia by watching videos and listening to audios provided to you on the ShivYog Play application.


The client wanted an application exclusive for use by the spiritual community where the followers of his teachings could watch videos and listen to audio no matter where they were at a small subscription rate. For those who attend physical meetings, there is a loyalty program where followers can redeem coupon codes for exclusive content. This unique code-based system allows users of the closed community of followers to engage with their spirituality. It is a subscription-based system, where users could download the videos and watch them offline as well. There is also a store that sells unique Shivyog products.

  • Exclusive subscription-based application to follow the teachings 

  • An in-app store to purchase Shiv Yog products

  • Code-based system for exclusive content.


When a user subscribes to the ShivYog Play app, they get to view both audio and video content regarding spirituality and download these to view them offline. Live streaming is also allowed here. Followers who attend physical meetings are given coupon codes, which they can use in the application for exclusive code-based content. The online store allows in-app purchases to buy ShivYogs products.