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Aptdealz Buyer Hub & E-Trading Pvt. Ltd.
Front-end and Back-end development

Fulfilling an extensive range of categories for both buyers and sellers, Quotesouk is an e-commerce platform that connects both buyers and sellers. Quotesouk allows buyers to post inquiries and get their needs fulfilled by sellers all over India! This one-stop platform allows buyers to choose only the best, thanks to the competitive prices offered by multiple sellers.


The client wanted an e-commerce application where buyers and sellers could interact with each other and post quotes to get the best deals. Separate applications for both buyers and sellers were required, wherein the buyer must be able to access various quotes posted according to their inquiry. In comparison to other applications, the platform is designed for large-scale procurement and to give buyers an advantage. The client required a user-friendly application with secure payments and tracking service.

  • E-commerce application

  • Payment Gateway

  • Order History and Tracking


Three platforms were made that included the buyer application, the reseller application, and the marketing executive platform. We created transparent platforms that allowed users to directly see quotes online, make payments, and track the delivery of their orders.