Poyanil Hospitals


Poyanil Hospitals
Web Development, Content Management System
HTML, Contentful

You're only a tap away from world-class facilities and 24-hour clinics! With three branches situated in Alapuzha, Kozhencherry, and Punalur, Poyanil Hospitals' website allows you to book appointments for the same via their website. The website also provides a detailed list of their services and facilities, thus helping you get your needs treated easily.  


The client wanted 3 websites, one for each of Alapuzha, Kozhencherry, and Punalur, where patients could book appointments to get their needs treated. The website also needed to be updated with information on the departments and amenities offered, which required the use of a content management system.

  • An easy-to-understand website interface

  • Ability to book appointments and get the required treatment

  • A CMS to update the website with the facilities provided


Three websites were provided for patients to book appointments for check-ups or treatment for ailments. A content management system, Contentful, was provided for the client to help keep the website updated with the facilities provided and department details.