LaBa Cabs


Laba Cabs
Android and iOS
UI/UX Design, Android & iOS App Development
Python, Django, Flutter

LaBa Cabs is an online platform, pertaining to the Thrissur locality of India, where customers can hire cabs as per their needs. Be it a sedan or an SUV, LaBa Cabs has everything you need for your ride, including live ride tracking and verified drivers. LaBa Cabs also allows you to choose the model of the car you want, depending on its availability. 


The client wanted an easy-to-use mobile application for both the customer and the driver. The cabs would be owned by drivers, and all they would have to do would be to register with LaBa Cabs. The rides pertain to Thrissur only, and the security of the passengers was also to be ensured. The drivers had to be verified with numerous ride packages, including one-way, return, 1 hour to 12 hours, and one-day rentals. 

  • Rider and Driver platform in both iOS and Android

  • Allow booking of economic and luxury rides

  • Ensure riders' safety with emergency alerts, ride-tracking as well as verifying drivers.


With LaRavel in the back end and native Android Java Swift in the front end, the rider platform allows the rider to schedule rides in Thrissur according to their requirements, giving them a wide variety of vehicle options to choose from. The rider can schedule their rides according to the duration they need them for as well. The driver platform allows the driver to register their privately owned vehicles under the LaBa Cabs nametag and get rides easily.