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Klean Keepers
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Want to get your place spotless in no time? Klean Keepers does just that by allowing you to book your online cleaning service anywhere in London at affordable rates! Book your services quite easily via the app, track them on your device, and pay online, making getting your place spick-and-span all a tap away!


The client wanted an application that would digitize their cleaning service based in London and increase the reach of their business. Users could simply check their postcode's availability, customize their service, book a certain deposit, get their place assessed, and finally pay and sit back while Klean Keepers takes over. The mobile application must allow users to track the services ordered as well. Multiple vendors can register their accounts and get orders from Klean Keepers while also tracking payments. 

  • Make booking services digital

  • Allow multiple vendors to get orders for the services under Klean Keepers

  • Manage and track bookings


Users can customize their requirements according to Klean Keepers' services via a few simple questions. Booking services is made completely digital by having multiple vendors take over the services, thus making it much easier to manage. Vendors can manage their accounts and payments all via the application, while the user can book and track their services easily. They can also reschedule their appointments and view upcoming services.