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Kitaab is the all-in-one partner you can trust for your company's accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and CFO needs. Designed to save time, Kitaab helps businesses and start-ups to make informed financial decisions and helps with finance, accounting, and tax services. 


It was requested by the client that an application be developed that would allow users to upload bills, invoices, and other documents that would be read by the system and automatically feed the data into the accounting application. As part of Kitaab's efforts to make it easier for businesses to update their accounting records, third-party AI integrations were also required.

  • Upload Bills and Invoices

  • Third-party Integration

  • Easy-to-navigate applications and website


We were able to integrate a tool called Veryfi, which uses OCR technology and artificial intelligence to determine the content of documents, without having someone manually enter the data into the system. These financial documents are then categorized and fed into QuickBooks for accounting & reconciliation.