iBhoom App


UI/UX Design, Android App Development
Android Native, Python

An e-commerce platform for freelancers to get ahead in the marketplace! iBhoom is a multi-vendor application where you can grow and manage your online business. Take orders, do inventory checks, and manage offers all in a single application! Register as a vendor on iBhoom and take your business to the next level!


The client wanted a multi-vendor e-commerce platform where vendors could set up their online businesses by registering on iBhoom. A small profit or commission is offered to the site owner when doing so. This is meant for new and evolving businesses that need help setting up and delivering goods to customers. Users of the iBhoom app must be able to see stores around them and buy from them according to the essentials they need.

  • A multi-vendor e-commerce platform

  • Help set up businesses and deliver goods by registering on iBhoom 

  • Track dispatches and inventory and manage offers in the application.


Any user who uses the iBhoom application can find online stores in their locality and place orders. When registered as a vendor, iBhoom helps you reach your target audience by helping you set up your online store, fulfill orders, add new products to sell, and easily manage your offers and inventory from your smart phone. A certain commission goes to iBhoom for helping you scale your business as well.