Driver Logistics

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Driver Logistics
Android, iOS, Website
UI/UX Design, App & Web Development
Flutter, React

A logistics company that seeks to optimize and fulfill your market requirements by ensuring quality package delivery via digitized systems. The mobile applications on both iOS and Android allow sending proofs of delivery (POD) by scanning a QR code with a scanner in the application. The approver in charge can then use the website to approve these PODs, making keeping tabs a whole lot easier!  


The client wanted to reduce paperwork by shifting management of PODs to applications and websites. A QR code scanner to scan the QR during product delivery, and a more convenient way for approvers to approve or deny these PODs via the website. If the approver denies the POD request, it’d come up as a pending POD in the application interface.

  • An easy-to-use application as well as website

  • A QR code scanner to scan for approval of POD

  • A website for approvers to log in and approve/deny the POD requests


Digitized solutions for cutting down a lot of paperwork were provided to make data handling easy. Management of PODs was also made easier, as the website provided an overview of the approved and rejected PODs, and the approver could easily approve or deny them. When denied, the notification would go to the said delivery guy, leaving it in their pending POD screen, where they could upload it again.