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UI/UX Design, Android App Development
Flutter, Python Django

Family-friendly entertainment is just a tap away with Balcony TV! Balcony TV is a regional OTT platform that showcases some of the best movies, TV shows, and short films and allows you to stream them straight from your device is what Balcony TV is all about.


The client wanted a regional OTT platform where users could browse through entertainment as well as search for specific movies, TV shows, or short films. The user should also be able to save their preferred content as well as buy certain content to stream it. Being family-friendly, content for kids is also provided by Balcony TV.

  • Regional OTT platform

  • Family-friendly content

  • Saving movies, TV shows or short films to favorites


A collection of regional movies, TV shows, and short films are available for the user to peruse through while also being able to favorite them. The user can also purchase the movie to stream at affordable prices, and kid-friendly content is provided to cater to a younger audience. Safety and security are primary while streaming via Balcony TV!