Ansada Fone

Android App, iOS App

Zain Habib
Android, iOS
UI/UX Design, Website & App Development

Follow ‘AnsadaFone," pronounced "Answer-the-phone," and his constant pursuit in these exciting games! The games are based on the characters from the comic AnsadaFone and will tickle the funny bone in all of us! 


The client, being a cartoonist, wanted to gain publicity for his book, AnsadaFone. Simple puzzle games related to the comics were to be developed, which could garner the users' interest. Two easy-to-understand games were to be added that could be played by anyone. The user must also be able to share the game with their peers.

  • Gain Publicity for the comic “AnsadaFone”

  • Two simple puzzle games related to the comic

  • An option to share the game


Two games were made - Number Dial and Maze, which are simple puzzle games. ‘Maze’ has the character running through a maze and catching the telephone to earn points. ‘Dial’ is a time-bound game that acts as a memory game as well. The application also encourages the user to read the comic by providing a link to the Amazon Kindle store. An option to share the game is also provided here.