Flutter Training

Flutter Training in Kochi, Kerala, India

Zartek is providing 2 months intense training class in Flutter, a hybrid app development kit from Google that helps to build Android and iOS helps in short timeline and with higher efficiency. The classes will be taken by our lead developers and each student will complete live application in iOS and Android at the end of the course session. The students will be learning along with our team and will be given exposure to live projects as a part of the course. Enroll Now

Why You Should Learn Flutter in 2019

For developers, it adds good value to your career profile (LinkedIn in claims flutter is one of the fastest growing skills among software engineers). It makes your development time much faster and extends your capabilities to multi-platforms. It gives you an advantage while hiring since many software companies these days are switching their front end tech stack to flutter.

Zartek is the leading software company in Kochi, Kerala, India which has specialised in Flutter and has produced mutliple products in Flutter. We are using our expertise in the language to train and empower students and upcoming developers. Flutter training in Kochi, Kerala will be for a duration of 2 months and will be charged INR 20,000 per student.

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Zartek Team

Here is your team of experiences product startegists and developers to deliver the best outcome for you.

Rishin Haris
Rishin Haris Chief Operating Officer
Leading cross-functional teams from a product's conception all the way through to its launch.
Mohammed Naseem Sr Android Developer
7+ years experience in Android and Hybrid Application Development.
Divya Pillai Sr Backend Developer
10+ years experience in Python and Flask Backend Development.
Aboo Thahir Web Developer
5+ years experience in web app and front end development.