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saina app development

Saina is a 30 years old movie distribution company having rights for 350+ movies. Zartek created an online movie streaming platform in Android, iOS and Roku. This was made to target NRI audiences to stream malayalam movies online at the convenience of their home. The features includes Dynamic Watermarking, Piracy Protection, GRDA compliance.

The users can use the Saina App to see 350+ movies and TV shows in Malayalam. The app has many movies free to watch and premium movies which needs to be purchased with monthly or yearly subscription.

Indian video OTT service to grow at 21.8% CAGR to reach $1.7 billion by 2023 from $638 million in 2018. Indian OTT market to overtake South Korea to become the 8th biggest market in the world by 2023.

PwC India

Mobile and Roku app development for Saina was done with the easy for access of users in mind. The payment platforms used were Stripe for Android and Apple pay for iOS.

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